2nd year dating anniversary ideas

Two years is the point where a couple often decides if they are in the relationship for the long haul and begins discussing long-term plans and goals.

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Surprisingly, our research has found no similar resource or guide for dating anniversaries .

There’s something about shopping for gifts for men; it just isn’t easy.

Plus, when you find yourself married to one, there are a great number of gift giving occasions in the annual trip around the sun. I know that I struggle to come up with new things all the time, without overloading our home with “stuff” that we may or may not need.

A trendy watch or thoughtful jewelry (keep it simple, nothing too expensive or sentimental), dinner at upscale restaurant, or a fancy home cooked meal.

Handbag, dresser valet, perfume, cologne, or a fragrance gift set that suits their taste is also a good choice (Tip for the men: avoid experimenting when giving fragrances, stick to what she likes).

Work together to choose recipes, go shopping for the ingredients, and cook as a team.

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