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I had a bulge that I worried about, but if you read this site, you will see it is common. i had the weird pains and tinglings for 6 months and even after that if i lifted something heavy or overdid it in any way. i saw several e-mails from people who were back to work in 3 weeks with no pain etc.

weren't you the lady that had a nephrectomy that wasn't needed?

hi, hannah, i also had the exact same thing, i am coming up on my 12 month mark and still have no feeling in that same area, i can however sleep on that side now, it just feels very peculiar.

I am also a lady who had the partial nephrectomy who did not need it. Like a few people have said, it is not too bad in the morning and it grows steadily thoughtout the day. I fell as though they put a drawstring in me and I am puckered too tight on my right side inciscion. Hang in there - your body has had a major shock and it takes time for it to adjust fully. It gets frustrating, but they've run all kinds of tests and don't know why I'm in pain. Does anyone know if there's anything that can be done to help it along? It's hard to keep that in perspective sometimes when "normal" is something different from what it once was.

I'm afraid they will tell me I have cancer some place else. It all went away after about 6 months and I was able to sleep on the surgical side again at that time. We are alive and this is a cancer that can be beaten if caught in time, and remember, it was in an organ for which we have a "spare". It is comforting to me that what I am experiencing is not uncommon.

But, I do not know how much longer I can go with this feeling. Any type of pressure (even from my jeans) causes pain over the numbness. the numbness is getting worse not better and the side pain that I had that started all of this is back just as bad as it was when I had my kidney. Because, needless to say, I'm afraid to go to the Doctor....

It occurs to me that we ought to be able to do some of the work through e-mail. Email is not a good way to get mad at someone since you can’t interact.

I wrote: I am the guy who is writing the article about you for The New Yorker.In the US a "two-lane road" is one (single-vehicle-width) lane in each direction.(A "one-lane-road" is either a single one-way lane, or a single lane where vehicles must somehow take turns going opposite directions.)@Mark - Yes.The reason these employees are so critical to our success – As Ram Charan said, “Businesses don’t create value, people do!” Just like the old adage that says “people don’t buy from a business, people buy from people.” The cost of turnover varies by industry but general research indicates that high-turnover positions (employees making -15/hour) will cost about 15% of their annual salary to recruit, interview, and train a new employee. I was even discharged from the hospital without pain meds because I did not take any while I was in there after the surgery. I'm just worried that something else is going on.... I was hoping to chat with some people who has went through this and can give me some insight.

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