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Jeff and Blair once again find themselves at an impasse over the sex versus money argument -– will they be able to dig themselves out of this hole?

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On the one hand, their’s is a close-knit large-family culture.

On the other hand, if a cow and a child are both sick, the family will usually seek care for the animal.

He bought the land in the mountains where we visited him, and moved his family there.Approaching the one-year mark, newlyweds wonder what the future will bring.After some family bonding, Kim is upset that Alaska is packing again for LA…with no plans for a return flight.Paulo has 8 children ranging in ages from 14 years to 6 months.Three of them walk 2 hours to school and 2 hours home.You can skip the whole "this was fun" dance that's involved with escaping the morning after having sex with when you aren't interested in dating. That's nearly impossible in today's crowded Internet environment.

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