A framework for road change detection and map updating

Resultant land cover/land use and overlay maps generated in Arc GIS 10 indicated a significant shift from Vegetation and Water cover to Agriculture, Bare soil/rock and Settlements cover, which shrank by 38.2% and 74.3% respectively.These land cover/use transformations posed a serious threat to watershed resources.Funded by the NCE GEOIDE research program “Automating photogrammetric processing and data fusion of very high resolution satellite imagery with LIDAR, IFSAR and maps for fast, low-cost and precise 3D urban mapping”.This page is about the current warming of the Earth's climate system.

Agriculture, Bare soil/rocks, Settlements, Vegetation and Water.

Satellite platform jitter is an important factor restricting the imaging quality of high-resolution (HR) optical satellite images.

To address the critical issue of compensation for attitude jitter in...

This paper presents a framework for road network change detection in order to update the Canadian National Topographic Data Base (NTDB).

The methodology has been developed on the basis of road extraction from IRS-pan images (with a 5.8 m spatial resolution) by using a wavelet approach.

The feature matching and conflation techniques are used to road change detection and updating.

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