Aaron voros dating


According to the list, Lindsay has also bedded sports stars Danny Cipriani and Aaron Voros, and heirs Maggio Cipriani and Stavros Niarchos, the latter of which is currently dating Jessica Hart and counts Mary-Kate Olsen and Paris Hilton as his exes.

Other big names on the list include Colin Farrell, American Horror Story star Evan Peters and her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, who surely were choking on their cornflakes when they discovered the document has been leaked.

Perhaps the french canadians should be mentioned as well?

) Da Costa too(I know he's officially from France but his surname is of Portuguese origin). The problem is that "bosta" in Portuguese means pile of turds. Of Balkan origin I know: Joe Sakic, Marc-douard Vlasic & Mark Fistric are of Croatian origin. Dan Jancevski, Steven Stamkos and Ed Jovanovski are Macedonian.

Lohan went to the Wildfox fall-collection party and was disappointed she was not seated at a table closer to the DJ. New York Rangers Sean Avery and Aaron Voros (inset) and Voros' girlfriend, Jessica Stam.

Lindsay's list maybe somewhat colourful but her choice of dress on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show was a tad more understated.Is there a condiment you just can't travel without?Yeah, us either, but apparently Floyd Mayweather, Jr. While on a recent trip to Vegas, Mayweather ordered a steak in a restaurant that, tragically, did not have any A1 on hand.Lindsay Lohan knows how to manufacture drama wherever she goes.And she's bringing that talent to the sports world.Chock full of stars from Adam Levine and James Franco to normals/unknowns like Brian @ GPA and Riley S., Lohan's fuck list went viral, capturing the attention and hearts of America—much like the star herself has always continued to do, even in her tougher times.

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