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“There’s been almost a criminalization of research here,” says Seteney Shami, the Jordanian-born, American-trained anthropologist tapped to get the new council running.

“The case examples show that it can be done,” said Clifton Cortez, Team Leader, Gender, Key Populations and LGBTI of the HIV, Health and Development Group at UNDP.

“Around the world there are organizations, big or small, often led by transgender people, that are finding ways to help similar people protect their health and their rights.

*** about where ideas come from, we often picture lone thinkers toiling indefatigably until they achieve their “eureka” moments.

But in fact, the ideas that change the way we organize or understand our daily world grow most readily from ecosystems that can train such scholars, test their claims, and ultimately spread and promote their new thinking.

The creation of the “Distant Witness” play has merged multiple interests and specialties of its co-creators.

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