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For the second year in a row, NC State went 4-1 in ACC duals. • Macchiavello is currently the Co-ACC Wrestler of the Week after he defeated #5 Zavatsky of Virginia Tech 9-3 - his first career top-five win. (141) are returning starters from last year's ACC Championship squad.

You aren't going to meet anyone by staying in and watching Netflix on the weekends.

A- Pumpkin Friday 10/21/16 Q- Almost a quarter of women regularly check on this about their partner. A- Their bank account Thursday 10/20/16 Q- Over 3/4 of people say they would do this to never get a cold again. A- Take a pay cut Wednesday 10/19/16 Q- 12% of people say this is a dating deal breaker. A- Can’t cook Tuesday 10/18/16 Q- 3% of people have found this under one of their car seats. A- A piece of fruit Monday 10/17/16 Q- 44% of adults will do this on Halloween. A- Wear a costume to work Friday 10/14/16 Q- In California, you can’t legally buy a mousetrap without having a what? Wednesday 9/28/16 Q- Almost a third of us have admitted to doing this at work. A- Looking through a co-worker’s desk Tuesday 9/27/16 Q- Women take 20 seconds longer to do this than men. A- Smoke a cigarrette Monday 9/26/16 Q- Over a third of people have stopped using these all together. A- paper checks Friday 9/23/16 Q- 67% of men have done this for their lady. A- Wash their car Thursday 9/22/16 Q- 56% of college students would turn down a job offer if the company did not offer this. A- access to social media during the day Wednesday 9/21/16 Q- 50% of women have attempted to do this at one time or another. A- Straighten their hair Tuesday 9/20/16 Q- Even though it is recommended, less than 34% of Americans have this. A- Money in savings Monday 9/19/16 Q- 24% of employers say this is the number one reason they didn’t hire someone. A- Showing up late to the interview Friday 9/16/16 Q- 15% of hotel workers have found this in a room. A- A set of dentures Thursday 9/15/16 Q- Just over a quarter of us do this when we sleep according to our partners. A- Laugh in our sleep Wednesday 9/14/16 Q- 1 in 10 people would not continue a relationship if they found out this about their partner. A- They were in debt Tuesday 9/13/16 Q- 50% of women have done this to motivate themselves to lose weight. A- Bought skinny jeans in hopes that they would lose weight to fit them Monday 9/12/16 Q- Over half of guys have had the same one of these since they were little. A- Their best friend Friday 9/9/16 Q- 21% of adults will lose this at least once this year. A- Their credit card Thursday 9/8/16 Q- The average person spends 290 hours a year doing this. A- Driving a car Wednesday 9/7/16 Q- Use of these at wedding receptions is up by more than 200% in recent years. A- Photo booths Tuesday 9/6/16 Q- 2% of pet owners do this for their pet. A- Create a Facebook profile for them Friday 9/2/16 Q- 58% of adults don’t know how to do this when it comes to a car. A- Drive a stick shift Thursday 9/1/16 Q- 56% of people do this on a date because it makes them feel more confident. A- They wear black Wednesday 8/31/16 Q- 66% of parents have one of these in a scrapbook or photo album. A- Picture of their child in the bathtub Tuesday 8/30/16 Q- 88% of people believe that doing this helps them to land a job. A- wearing shiny shoes to an interview Monday 8/29/16 Q- 40% of dog owners have done this with their dog. A- Taken a road trip with their pup Friday 8/26/16 Q- The average man does this first at age 34. A- Trim his ear hair Thursday 8/25/16 Q- 75% of kids lie about this. Wednesday 8/24/16 Q- The average woman will do this more than 400 times in her lifetime. A- Wear shoes that don’t quite fit Tuesday 8/23/16 Q- 3% of teachers have done this against their better judgement. A- dated a parent of one of their students Monday 8/22/16 Q- 17% of working women say this happens to them on a weekly basis. A- They get hit on at work Friday 8/19/16 Q- 18% of parents would watch their kids on security cameras to make sure they were doing this. A- Their homework Thursday 8/18/16 Q- 26% of women have worn these. A- Colored contact lenses Wednesday 8/17/16 Q- 65% of same sex siblings have fought over this. A- borrowing clothes without asking Tuesday 8/16/16 Q- 72% of married women dislike the month of September. A- Their husbands watch football all weekend Monday 8/15/16 Q- 76% of women have given their partner one of these. A- A “to do” list Friday 8/12/16 Q- 27% of children do this against their will. A- Take piano lessons Thursday 8/11/16 Q- 53% of households currently have one of these in the kitchen. A- A frozen dinner Wednesday 8/10/16 Q- This has happened to 21% of people at their birthday party. A- Tried to blow out relighting candles Tuesday 8/9/16 Q- According to a You Gov survey, 29% of people have quit their job for this reason. A- Their partner asked them to Monday 8/8/16 Q- 20% of adults read this on a daily basis. A- Their favorite comic Friday 8/5/16 Q- 14% of families have done this in the past year. A- Go to a baseball game Thursday 8/4/16 Q- 71% of women don’t think it’s sexy when a guy does this. A- Show too much chest hair Wednesday 8/3/16 Q- 62% of women have done this beauty treatment before their wedding. A- waxing their lip Tuesday 8/2/16 Q- 47% of people have injured themselves while using this at home. A- A hammer Monday 8/1/16 Q- 17% of women will cancel a date if she doesn’t have this. A- Her makeup Friday 7/29/16 Q- 70% of couples have never had a conversation about this. A- What they consider cheating Thursday 7/28/16 Q- 9% of people will do this before work today. A- Spill coffee or something else on themselves Wednesday 7/27/16 Q- Surprisingly, 6% of seniors are involved with this new trend. A- Pokemon Go Tuesday 7/26/16 Q- 25% of women have forgotten to do this before a date. A- Shave their armpits Monday 7/25/16 Q- Just under 5% of us plan our summer vacation around this. A- The Olympics Friday 7/22/16 Q- 7% of people do this four or more times per day. A- Drink a soda Thursday 7/21/16 Q- 25% of people, who have played hookey from work have done this. A- Gone skinny dipping Wednesday 7/20/16 Q- 59% of mothers told their children this when they were little. A- Don’t cross your eyes or they will stay that way Tuesday 7/19/16 Q- 43% of women say buying this is stressful. A- Jeans Monday 7/18/16 Q- 68% of people dislike it when relatives do this in their home. A- Open their fridge to see what food was in there Friday 7/15/16 Q- According to a new survey, most people think you shouldn’t get more of these once you reach your late 30s. A- Tattoos Thursday 7/14/16 Q- On average Americans spend around .50 on this per week. A- Lottery tickets Wednesday 7/13/16 Q- 46% of men wash this article every two months. A- Pillowcase/sheets Tuesday 7/12/16 Q- Close to 100% of people can identify this sound within 2 seconds. A- Ice Cream Truck Monday 7/11/16 Q- 12% of roommates have secretly borrowed this.

A- A hunting license Thursday 10/13/16 Q- 42% of people plan to do this during the holiday shopping season. A-Place something on layaway Wednesday 10/12/16 Q- Almost a quarter of people under 30 have never done this in the kitchen. A- boiled an egg Tuesday 10/11/16 Q- 9% of children have broken this within their home. A- A glass table Monday 10/10/16 Q- 11% of men do this before they marry. A- Get waxed Friday 10/7/16 Q- Women have this habit more than men and it’s apparently not good for you. A- Chewing ice Thursday 10/6/16 Q- Almost a third of men have cried because of this. A- Child birth Wednesday 10/5/16 Q- 10% of the population knows someone, who has done this while dating. A- dated or married a relative Tuesday 10/4/16 Q- 14% of online daters include this on their profile page. A- Their political views Monday 10/3/16 Q- 15% of men do this poorly so they won’t be asked to do it again. A- Wash dishes Friday 9/30/16 Q- 11% of kids have gotten this stuck in their hair. A- Cotton Candy Thursday 9/29/16 Q- 10% of women always carry this in their purse.

Last year's NWCA National Duals win at Iowa was the start to one of the best postseasons in school history. • In the first RPI, NC State has eight ranked, including four in the top-10 and 's current 24-match winning is the seventh-longest winning streak in school history, and one more win would tie as the sixth-best streak. A close dual that saw five lead changes came down to the final bout.

Two weeks after the win in Iowa City, NC State captured the 2016 ACC Championship behind four individual titles. Five of his last eight wins have all been versus ranked foes, including four top-10 wins. NC State became the first ACC team ever to defeat Iowa, as the Hawkeyes were 12-0 against the conference.

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