Aelita cam


Do Jeremie am hiểu nhiều về máy tính nên cậu rất ít khi đi đến thế giới Lyoko mà ở lại phòng máy để hỗ trợ cho đồng đội.

Jeremie thường được mọi người gọi là "Einstein", cậu sở hữu một tóc vàng, luôn mang kính cận và có tình cảm với Aelita.

When he noticed Aelita's presence, he immediately severed the connection.

In Obstinacy, Tyron was seen working in his laboratory (through a webcam) with none other than Aelita's long-lost mother, Anthea.

Tyron fights against the five Lyoko Warriors by sending his human soldiers called ninjas into the core of the Cortex. He shows no compassion towards them, and fakes his emotions towards Aelita in the presence of others, such as the principal.

When Jeremie launched his Multi-Agent System to destroy X. His supercomputer is currently shut down, but he could possibly develop an anti-virus and turn it back on, inadvertently releasing the powerfully dangerous X.

Cô thường được Odd gọi là "Công chúa", là người luôn theo sát Jeremie và có tình cảm với cậu. Lúc này, có một nhóm người đàn ông vào nhà tấn công và cha con cô phải bỏ chạy rồi bị lạc vào Lyoko.

He then began to build his own Supercomputer in a local abandoned factory where he created Lyoko using the files that he stole from project Carthage. Franz Hopper was forced to repeat the same day over 2546 times so that he could make Lyoko perfect: not realizing at the same time doing so made X. He and Aelita fled to Lyoko, only to be attacked by X. Later, his diary is located in Mister Puck, and is revealed to be encrypted. Jeremy rebuffs this, stating that while Hopper himself is not an enemy, his discoveries and experiments are out of the league of the Lyoko Warriors. Aelita Schaeffer là con gái của Franz Hopper (người tạo ra Lyoko) và Anthea Schaeffer.Aelita từng được gọi bởi nhiều cái tên: Aelita Stone, Aelita Hopper, Maya.Professor Lowell Tyron (originally named Alan Mayer and later Ikonov) is a minor character in Code Lyoko Evolution, acting as the secondary antagonist. In the sixteenth episode, Confusion, the group stumbles upon Tyron's ninjas attacking X. It is unclear how long they have been married; Tyron claims it has been four years, but Anthea tells Aelita that she only married him so that she could see her daughter again, so it may have been a very recent marriage.He is noted for creating the Cortex sector via his own quantum supercomputer in Switzerland. Tyron is a new and major enemy of the Lyoko Warriors in the fifth season. He uses this connection to bargain with Aelita: she can either destroy the Cortex or see her mother again. Too much time is spent managing your current systems instead of getting ready for what’s next. It’s time to rethink how you do systems and information management.

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