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Evidence of UDF's dire situation includes a series of defaults, bankruptcy petitions, lawsuits, key resignations - including that of UDF's audit firm, a key UDF director, and the CFO of UDF's largest borrower - followed by UDF's own overdue admission that it has been the subject of an SEC investigation since April 2014.

Today, as a consequence of mismanagement and concealed losses, UDF faces significant bankruptcy risk, which would leave its shares virtually worthless.

Bass' thesis is that the low-interest-rate environment for the past six years has been the main driver of growth in the nontraded REIT asset class.

In 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission named nontraded REITs as one of the five most serious problems affecting retail investors.

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If you take the time to review the facts on this site, we believe you will come to a similar conclusion.

Kyle Bass Chief Investment Officer and Principal Hayman Capital Management L.

UDF's stock plummeted after an anonymous short-seller using the pseudonym "Investor For Truth" published a report on an investing website Harvest Exchange.

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On the other hand, selling your own product, promoting targeted affiliate products (ie.

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