American virtual sex


Don’t blow your load as her big natural tits jiggle while she’s riding your dick, because she eventually turns around, opens up her asshole and lets you slip right in…Manager Cindy Starfall doesn’t want her hotel’s flawless rating tarnished, so she’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.

This was porn, after all.)The scenes feature serious visual depth and three-dimensionality.Witness for yourself when you put on your VR headset and experience Lana’s beautiful bubble butt waving in your face, a shiny little butt plug peeking out to tease you.Before you know, Lana’s blue eyes are piercing you as she looks up from giving you the perfect blow job.By the time the second scene rolled round I was starting to feel like I was viewing it through my own eyes.The first-person perspective (Po V, in porn terms) meant I was no longer just watching porn, I was experiencing it too. My brain felt like it was adapting to a new body and sensations, and when the 'talent' made eye contact, VR porn wasn't just immersive, it became genuinely intimate.But unlike that momentous event, this one didn't happen in a teenage bedroom: my VR 'V' plates were taken in an outdoor cafe at the world's biggest phone show, Mobile World Congress.

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