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In his memoir, he writes that he voted for Ronald Reagan.Coulter, meanwhile, is one of the more controversial conservative commentators in the country."Having done this before, I know that celebrities are very guarded about their image, and so I was really nervous about how to start this and what the response was going to be," Walker says."I have to say, 95 percent were so willing and interested in doing something." Walker says his work even earned him the praise of a major filmmaker.He remained in the series until the end of the following season in March 2008.It was revealed afterwards that he would not be returning for the new season, beginning in January 2009.In January 2007, he first appeared in Waterloo Road for the BBC, playing sixth former Brett Aspinall.

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Payne was born in Chelmsford, Essex, and grew up in Bath, Somerset where he attended King Edward's School and was a prolific contributor to the school's Drama Department.Bored by the set-up of traditional film festival photo booths, Andrew H.Walker, a staff photographer at Shutterstock, took an unusual approach to celebrity portraiture for this year's Toronto Film Festival.In 2009, Payne played George Best in Best: His Mother's Son, a BBC 2 film about the legendary footballer. In 2012, he was cast in the title role of The Physician (based on the book of the same name) alongside Stellan Skarsgard and Ben Kingsley.Photojournalist Andrew Quilty has won gold at the Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism, after earlier this year winning the Nikon-Walkley Photo of the Year for a graphic and powerful image from Afghanistan.Quilty's photograph The Man on The Operating Table was taken following the October 3, 2015 attack by an American gunship on the Medicines Sans Frontieres Kunduz Trauma Centre, in which 42 staff, patients and patient carers were killed.

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