Application screenupdating false not working


Hello, A couple of questions: 1) I have a listview control that is populated using the following code, is it possible to to set the backcolor for each row?For now, I am just setting the forecolor of another the first column, but i'd prefer to have just one column and set the back color./// s PDFName = "test PDF.pdf" s PDFPath = Active Workbook. Path Separator 'Check if worksheet is empty and exit if so If Is Empty(Active Sheet. If you're doing that, you should ensure you have appropriate error handlers in your code to switch them back to their default settings in the event that the procedure exits early.

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Article contributed by Daryl Lucas Many people know they can speed execution of Word Automation by turning off screen updating: Word. Screen Updating = False Many do not know, however, that they can get an even greater speed boost by hiding the application altogether.For example, in a combo box, you can: In this example, there is a named range — Month List — with a list of the 12 month names.There are instructions on my Contextures website, for naming a range of cells.These code examples are built for PDFCreator, an open source PDF writer utility.Unlike Adobe Acrobat and Cute PDF, which both require pro versions to create PDF's via code, PDFCreator is completely free! Please note that this code will NOT work with Adobe Acrobat.If not, is there a better way that someone might suggest doing so?

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