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The wedding on November 18 was a simple, quiet affair conducted at Rajnikanth's Poes Garden bungalow.They were accompanied, moreover, by covered carriages full of their women and servants, all elaborately fitted out.Special food, separate from that of the rest of the army, was brought along for them on dromedaries and mules. Aubrey de Selincourt)The dress of these troops consisted of the tiara, or soft felt cap, embroidered tunic with sleeves, a coat of mail looking like the scales of a fish, and trousers; for arms they carried light wicker shields, quivers slung below them, short spears, powerful bows with cane arrows, and short swords swinging from belts beside the right thigh. Aubrey de Selincourt)Herodotus mentions that in the Thermoplylae these corps played a major role.After the wedding, it was work as usual for Rajni, as he chose to shoot for his new film, Chandramukhi.Unlike the wedding, the reception on November 21 conducted at the Mayor Sri Ramanathan Chettiar Centre was a grand affair.Not all websites implement our on-site analytics and publish the results.

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