Biltmore pocketwatch dating


Many of the more well known pocket watch makers, like Waltham, Elgin, Hamilton, etc, are fairly well documented and so it's fairly easy to put a value on them, even if it is only a rough guide.Where it gets more difficult is if someone brings in a lesser known watch that isn't traded all that often. If so, then you will enjoy reading about these fantastic pieces of American history. In many cases people have been left these old antique watches by their parents or grand parents.For group information and pricing, email group sales, submit an online inquiry, or call 800-211-9805. Ingraham & Company was formed in 1860, succeeding several earlier clock-manufacturing firms in which casemaker Elias Ingraham had been involved, notably Brewster & Ingrahams (1843-1852), E. Ingrahams (1852-1856) and Elias Ingraham & Company (1857-1860).This only becomes a problem when they wish to sell, which is when reality hits home and accepting market value may not be acceptable.This was demonstrated a while ago when someone brought in an old 1913 Waltham for repair.

Atwood set up and managed the movement department for Ingraham for some years.

Rosewood veneered case models with names such as "Doric", "Venetian", and "Ionic" were often made in several sizes and held their popularity with the public for many years.

Elias Ingraham's son Edward Ingraham (1830-1892) succeeded his father as head of the business in 1885.

" Of course, if it was that easy to know what pocket watch value actually was, people wouldn't ask.

But when you have to take into consideration its age, condition, how many were made, whether it actually runs or not, it isn't as easy a question as you may think.

Once the case rim is worn out, the only real option is to have it repaired by a skilled goldsmith.

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