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If you have a Mac, you're in luck as long as it's not a Mac mini! To check, click the apple in the top left of your screen. You can pick up a cheap Logitech for 25 dollars, and I wouldn't recommend spending more than 30 dollars until you know you're really a keen webcam person.All of the endpoints connecting to the same resource Id will become participants in a live conference and the resource Id string does not have to be provisioned ahead of time.The quickest way to see a live demo is to use the Vidyo Connector helper application.I hear this is a burning question for a lot of people, so I will attempt to provide some detail here with both a Mac and PC perspective. Also, if you're using any non-built-in webcams, this is where they should show up.I'll go over a lot of things, seeing as people seem to want to know all about webcams! I've included a screenshot of Photo Booth, the bundled Mac program which came with your computer (if you have a Mac with a webcam), and a photo of the i Sight camera on a Mac Book.Look for a high framerate (30 fps or more) and at least a 640x480 resolution.

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