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It combines the notions of criminality ("robber") and illegitimate aristocracy ("baron"). political and economic commentator Matthew Josephson popularized the term during the Great Depression in a 1934 book by the same title.

The term derives from the medieval German lords who legally charged tolls on ships traversing the Rhine without adding anything of value. He attributed the phrase to an 1880 antimonopoly pamphlet about railroad magnates.

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Josephson alleged that like the German antecedents, American big businessmen amassed huge fortunes immorally, unethically, and unjustly. The positive term was coined by Thomas Carlyle in his 1843 book, .

The theme was popular during the Great Depression, a time of public scorn for the abuses of big business. John Davison Rockefeller was an American industrialist and philanthropist. Rockefeller revolutionized the petroleum industry and defined the structure of modern philanthropy.

By the 1890s, the term was typically applied to businessmen who were viewed as having used questionable practices to amass their wealth.

Robber barons were contrasted with "captains of industry," a term originally used in the United Kingdom during the Industrial Revolution describing a business leader whose means of amassing a personal fortune contributes positively to the country in some way. He was the founder of the Standard Oil Company, which dominated the oil industry and was the first great U. In 1870, he founded the Standard Oil Company and aggressively ran it until he officially retired in 1897.

This might have been through increased productivity, expansion of markets, providing more jobs, or acts of philanthropy. As kerosene and gasoline grew in importance, Rockefeller's wealth soared, and he became the world's richest man and first American worth more than a billion dollars.

Guidance documents are meant to provide assistance to industry and health care professionals on how to comply with the policies and governing statutes and regulations.

They also serve to provide review and compliance guidance to staff, thereby ensuring that mandates are implemented in a fair, consistent and effective manner.

By 2008, there were five western states in the top ten with California producing the most milk and Idaho entering the top ten between 19 and by 2009 becoming the fourth largest milk producing state.

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