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The users in a particular chat room are generally connected via a shared interest or other similar connection, and chat rooms exist catering for a wide range of subjects.

I hope you continue to bring good times with you on the road ahead. Mc Clymonds Best wishes for your hopes and dreams to come true! The club donates nearly all of its profits to local, national and global groups that work to pers- erve our earth. Senior members of AWARE are Sarah Rund, Emily Cronin, Haley Treco, Alex Early, Scilla Bennet, Mike Redbord, Matt Rehrig, Jason Furtado, Megan Keefe, Maureen Harrington, Emily Taber, Mellisa Chen, Steph Taylor, Emily Rosowski, Xana Locke, Katie Rosowski, Sara Kalauskas, Lizzy Morrison, Paul Kremsky, Nick Nauman, Mike Burakoff. In addi- ion, the members were trained for he use of the Epi-Pen to adminis- rate in an emergency for those zith allergies. The winners of each di- vision compete in a statewide and New England competition. The Step Team, founded last year, is an alternative to the tradi- tional club/sport. L,&am, Brazl03 Mama & Nonm I luv more then u no- Dreadlock Rasta I no would’ve if u could’ve. It required renting some equipment and I am more than pleased with the results!Now there is enough detail in Gyln’s post to reproduce his results and I completely owe everything I was able to do to his post. Each routine runs five to seven minutes and consists of a number of shorter routines, or steps, each with its own unique rythem and beat. Lte nte drivebys, rvard, sweet 16 start of it all proms & mis-did it like we wanted, the ging.. Frank Tassone Special Education Pasquale Tassone Director, Performing Arts Suzy Thompson-Asku Social Sciences Doug Tocio Social Sciences Kristen Vander Veen Science Thomas Vaughn Lead Teacher, Science Joseph Vautour Science Mary Villano Lead Teacher, Consumer and Family Science J. Wolcott English Ted Zalewski Special Education TO TJBTJE CJLA.88 OT 2002 CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS! Shawna Rayner To the class o/2G©3 - well, at feast you were better than the class of 2002, To my students, volleyball players, basketball players, and all the others I got to know, I wish you the very best. The Arlington High Steppers are members of the Greater Boston Step Association (GBSA) and therefore participate in a number of shows and the annual statewide league competition. And if that were not enough here is video of him doing it.

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