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Prostitution is a major social issue that particularly affects women and children.

Burma is a major source of prostitutes (an estimate of 25,000–30,000) in Thailand, with the majority of women trafficked taken to Ranong, bordering south Burma, and Mae Sai, at the eastern tip of Burma.

It’s 10am and the weather is unusually temperate here. I’m on the sidewalk and blinded as I move from the bright glare of the street in to a dark alcove.

In fact it’s so dark, and takes so long for my eyes to adjust, that I have to feel my way up the stairs with my feet.

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Through my colleague and interpreter Dr Sai Pye Myo Kyaw I get consent from the male owner to sit and talk with the women behind him.The Australian-born Princess was in the Southeast Asian country to launch a new Danish-funded health care clinic that educates women about contraception, family planning and supports HIV sufferers and young mothers.Princess Mary said: 'Their traditions and culture create barriers to talking about sexual health, which makes it even harder for them to understand their bodies and make informed decisions about the consequences of sexual relationships', The Copenhagen Post reported.A red light district has also emerged in Naypyidaw, Burma's new national capital, with brothels primarily disguised as beauty parlors and massage salons that attract mainly businessmen and military personnel.Under the Suppression of Prostitution Act, enacted in 1949, the act of soliciting or seducing in public is illegal, as is forcing or enticing women into prostitution or owning brothels.She says the topic of sex in itself is still a big taboo.

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