Chaturika pirish


Chrihashni Nehara Canishia Pieris, better known as Nehara Pieris, became popular for her performances in teledramas ‘Ruwan Maliga’, and ‘Amanda’.Many know her as 'Muthu Kirilli' following her impressive performance in the 'Tele Drama' Muthu Kirilli.

He was also instrumental in developing the APSL Young Professionals Events, in which he facilitated the young Sri Lankan professionals in the UK to engage in networking and knowledge exchange.Menaka and Virangi has a daughter from their marriage but after Menaka started relationship with Nehara he filed the devorce.Roshan and Sahan, husbands of previous marriages of Chathurika Peiris and Purnika Peiris who created sensational news sometime back because of romantic issues have now become bosom pals.There was a budding romance between Nehara and Menaka after Nehara’s split from her husband Nirmal Perera but she refused it.Nirmal, being a professional IT guy, had handled Nehara’s campaign for the most popular actress award.Scopri di più anche sulle opzioni di scelta disponibili: Normativa sui cookie.

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