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Interrupting updates while they’re in progress could damage your Surface.If an update seems to be stalled and your Surface doesn’t restart automatically, wait at least 20 minutes before trying to restart your Surface yourself. After your Surface restarts, try installing updates again. Solution 2: Force a shut down See Force a shut down and restart your Surface to find out how.window.onload = function() { Shell.resource.set(null, ) .create('Roku. App') .trigger('Initialize application', { 'state': , 'locale': , 'name': 'article', 'title': '', 'component': 'Roku.

This article highlights numerous approaches on how to analyze this problem and remove it appropriately from your system.To boot into Safe Mode, execute this procedure: If you again found yourself facing the “Please Wait” error, the problem does not lie with a software conflict and you can jump to Method 2.Else, continue with the Clean Boot steps, and identify the problematic program. If it does, repeat these steps, this time clearing the lower half of items in the Service list from the original selection.I have searched and read multiple posts through the years about the same issue. I have had my SONOS system for 4 years and have had my Music Library, at one point, working perfectly, but recently I did a force refresh from the i Phone app & it crashed and now the library is completely gone and when I go to re-add my library I get the message that everyone gets, "Please wait". Unplugged my Bridge and all 5 of my speakers for 20sec, no go. cordova CLI: 6.4.0 Ionic CLI Version: 2.1.17 Ionic App Lib Version: 2.1.7 ios-deploy version: Not installed ios-sim version: Not installed OS: Windows 10 Node Version: v7.2.1 Xcode version: Not installed @fgkramer it is.

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