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Enabled by default, this option instructs Windows Vista to include non-critical updates in the listing of updates it presents as available for your hardware and software.Note that these updates are never included for automatic installation (Windows Vista Ultimate Extras are such an example), and you have to select them manually.

However, for a number of reasons, that's not always an option. Maybe you purchased a Windows XP-based PC within the past year and would like to install Vista on it, but realize that upgrading isn't the best option.To get to the Windows Updates screen of the Control Panel, click on the Start Menu and choose Control Panel; then, click on System and Maintenance.Finally, click on the "Windows Updates" header-link.In order to deploy Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 with SCCM 2007, the WAIK must be updated to the latest version (WAIK 1.1) This process is documented in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article: (SCCM 2007 Service Pack 1 will natively support these operating systems when it becomes available.) The first two steps in this process are very straight forward: uninstall WAIK 1.0, then install WAIK 1.1.The second two steps document a method of creating new Win PE 1.1 Boot Images and importing them into SCCM.[NOTES FROM THE FIELD] – In most cases, when an in-place upgrade is halted because one of the conditions above is not met, the installation routine will generally offer you the ability to do a custom installation which could be a clean install or if the disk space is available on another volume, a dual / multi-boot configuration.

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