Consolidating democracy prerequsites

From then on, we established a democracy and embarked on building a nation that was envisioned to be a replica of the socio-economic and political ssystem of the United States of America.This content was written by a student and assessed as part of a university degree.--- The Dalai Lama The question of whether or not the universality of human rights require a particular type of democracy has been the subject of many debates in the international and regional arena.The question, however, is truly ironic for it would inevitably beg the question: if the concept of human rights is a universal creed, then why would it require a particular political system?Parting from this double distinction of empirical viewpoints and normative horizons, we may distinguish five different concepts of democratic consolidation: the avoidance of democratic breakdown; the prevention of democratic erosion; the organization of democracy; the completion of democracy; and the deepening of democracy.

It derives from the type of political regime we study as well as from the type of regime we either want to avoid or to attain.

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It is the thesis of this paper that due to the behaviour of the political elite, Russia has not consolidated democracy.

Man was created with the faculties of an intellect to seek the truth, and with free will, to seek what is good.

With these faculties, he was to be capable of discovering the natural law, in order to guide him to live according to Gods plan.

And so, I am back home and very thankful to Her Excellency President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the people of Liberia for this great honor to serve as National Orator for this year’s July 26 Independence Day Commemoration. History documents that Liberia was never colonized, nor occupied by any European colonial power.

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