Coupon validating machine


The feature includes microprocessor based control, Y2K real time clock, automatic red/blue colour change for late marks, fully programmable, time synchronization from master clock system and programmable siren control. Our business interests vary into a wide gamut of activities ranging from Desktop Software, Web Solutions, E-business Applications and IT Consultancy. Our products include time attendance & access control terminals, enterprise software solutions & custo more... | Address: 223/224 Veena Dalvi Industrial Estate S.As per a press statement issued by the railways, "It has been decided that CVMs provided on suburban section, in their present form, will be allowed to continue till March 31, 2015." The railway authorities had taken a decision to do away with CVMs and coupon booklets, which were to be completely replaced by Automated Ticket Vending Machines, which require the use of a smart card.Use of CVMs does not allow the officials to study the travelling pattern of commuters punching these coupons, as it has not been designed to register the distance that a commuter will be travelling in their systems.

There is a breather for lakhs of Mumbaikars who have railway coupons to avoid standing in long queues to book tickets, as the railway authorities have decided to extend the use of Coupon Validating Machines (CVMs) by a year.There’s no better way to experience the coolness of LINQ and functional programming.LINQPad’s Dump method is famous for its capacity to eat almost anything!The logic is appreciated as railway deserves to get compensated for using their facility.However, as one lands from Bandra (E) side for going to Bandre(W), there is no coupon validating machine available at the landing of the sky walk and the commuter is required to walk back to the ticket counter area for doing the needful.Without any heavy installations or oppressive EULAs!

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