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If you need a quick how-to, then follow my dating advice and these three main rules when dating an introvert. The date should focus on getting to know each other.

But simple does not mean boring; in fact introverts have the right idea.

With everyone's participation, everyone - including yourself - may receive multiple perspectives that can improve your profile in many ways. No matter how harsh the critique may seem, it was done by a volunteer who chose to offer you their time and energy to give you some advice. This is simply a matter of contacting the moderators and going through the following procedure before posting: [back]( Cupid/wiki/index) # r/OKCupid Rules ## General Guidelines (to be considered): 1.

It is also worth noting that even if you may not accept the person's suggestions, you were offered a point of view you may not have seen prior to submitting. Please follow the universal standard, that which is [reddiquette.]( 2.

Related Link: Expert Dating Advice: How Do I Know If a Guy is Into Me? Introverts are less forgiving than extroverts when it comes to lying and pretending to like or dislike something. If you’re an extrovert who likes dancing that’s fine, but don’t lie about it.

If you're an online dater, then you've probably seen some miserable Ok Cupid profiles: cellphone pictures taken in the mirror; messages begging you to eat lobster naked with a stranger; the occasional stalker.

However, the content of /r/okcupid is not, but it often consists material of a mature nature. Remove all usernames (that are not yours) unless you have express permission and provide [verification]( Cupid/wiki/rules#wiki_verification.3A) from that person. Never include real names, phones numbers, addresses, or any other personal information. Censor or blur the faces of anybody that is not you in all photos. Content that violates this rule will be removed and repeat offenders may be banned. ["You are hot" email posts]( Cupid/wiki/faq#wiki_okcupid_website.2Fmobile_app_faqs) will be removed.

The site supports multiple modes of communication, including instant messages and emails.

Therefore, we encourage users to offer critiques to others.

You may actually find the process constructive and helpful towards your own profile. This is only necessary if you submit content relating to someone else.

Introverts are not boring, so though they focus on the individual more than the venue it’s your responsibility to spice things up.

Come up with a few date ideas like creating games and asking questions.

Ok Cupid was listed in Time magazine’s 2007 Top 10 dating websites.

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