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The publishing of stories will hopefully “demonstrate to the young people of Galway that issues around abuse, consent and harassment are not things that just happen elsewhere and to other people, they are happening right now on our campuses and in our communities and it is only through education and awareness that we can hope to prevent young people from falling into what is all too often a cycle of abuse,” she said.

You would think we could find a better show by now!Therefore, I believe, It is my role, as instructor, to guide, challenge and help each student find their 'voice.' All of us learn 80% visually, only 11% aurally (hearing).So: mini-lectures and 'tasks"--in-class directed assignments, working with each other in groups, etc.More fun that way.**For Film classes** "For every student who enters the room, that many versions of the film will leave..." (--mb).Each of us will 'see' or 'read' the film slightly or enormously differently. My job is to destroy how my students 'read' Hollywood mainstream films: forever.Went into 'permanent Part-Time' position, August 2000, until...?

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