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After benefiting from her sorcery and black magic, her lover Jason (the adventurer of Argonauts fame) abandons her and their two sons for a politically advantageous marriage to the king's daughter. 45 (1981) Abel Ferrara's lurid thriller about a mute seamstress who "speaks" through violence could be called a feminist exploitation picture if it weren't such a contradiction in terms.

His betrayal triggers a response so outrageously disproportional to the crime that it remains shocking to this day. The crude set-up finds Zoe Lund, a mute woman who gets raped twice in one day—once in an alley on the way home from work, again by a burglar in her apartment—taking matters into her own hands.

After getting the upper hand on the second attacker, whom she kills in self-defense and whose remains she disposes of in a number of paper bags, Lund buys a gun and heads into the night. 45 is a rape-revenge story, the "revenge" part is disturbingly nebulous: She isn't out to kill any specific violator, just lecherous males in general.

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She isn't pleased, and when she retaliates, she brings the crazy in a number of memorable ways.

" a spurned Cameron Diaz asks Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky, before taking an act of life-changing vengeance on him.

Avenging-women movies often focus on righteous revenge for the raped and abused, but sometimes they're about the irrational acts of a woman who thinks an erstwhile lover has reneged on that unspoken body-promise.

His mouth clamped down on me, his lips soft and hot. I could tell he was asking both of us.“Good,” I echoed, trying to catch my breath.“One more? Before I could answer, Jamie nodded once and said, “Yeah, but after that first one she’s really sensitive.

My cheeks burned with embarrassment tinted with need. When my hips lifted up to meet his mouth, to tempt him, he finally gave us both what we clearly wanted.

I asked men on Twitter where they typically learn from: responses ranged from the obvious (such as communicating with the first person they had sex with) to having an older girlfriend or friend with benefits school them.

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