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This is an estimated maintenance window and an email will be sent to all users as soon as the migration has completed.The release requires a complete shutdown of all NFIRS services: Please schedule your NFIRS activity around the blackout dates. Once the release is completed, an email will be sent out when services have been restored.

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Many thanks to Marc Rueter, Russell Christopher and David Spezia from Tableau for their very valuable contributions to this series of posts. The release is scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, December 19, 2012 beginning at PM EST and ending on or about Thursday, December 20, 2012 at AM EST.All NFIRS services are scheduled to be unavailable during this time period.Hopefully this post has given you an even better sense of how and why Tableau Data Extracts can help you use Tableau to see and understand your data.Next week, we’ll wrap up the series with an extensive list of tips, tricks and best practices.All embedded files and corresponding file attachments are merged together to create a regular PDF file.

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