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Of course, it’s not a coincidence; the Sun and the planets all formed together from a diffuse cloud of hydrogen billions of years ago.In the early Solar System, all of the planets formed in the solar nebula; the remnants left over from the formation of the Sun.But Davidsdottir isn't just merely content to train like a superhuman force of nature. She's also an inspiration to countless everyday gym-goers, and, with her trademark megawatt smile, an iconic face of a booming fitness phenomenon. But I was so happy with the training leading up to it, and the whole week at the Games. Last year, right after the Games, I sat down with my coach, Ben Bergeron, and we drafted a schedule. In the days after her dominant win at the 2016 Cross Fit Games, with cheers seemingly still echoing through the Stub Hub Center in Carson, California, we caught up with the newly (re-)crowned Fittest Woman on Earth to talk about how she is already looking ahead to the 2017 Games, why she's no longer afraid of carbs, and which Marvel movie superhero she'd play if she had the chance. Does the yearlong training grind make the Games seem very far away? Invitationals start in December, February is the Cross Fit Open, March is Open announcements, and April is Cross Fit Regionals training. You spoke about the strength of your psychological game. I think the differentiator between podium and not is the mental game.

Co-stars: Jones and Forte met on the set of the TV show The Last Man On Earth.At some point in the early history of Earth, a planetoid the size of Mars crashed into our planet.The resulting collision sent debris into orbit that eventually became the Moon.Google Earth for Android enables you to explore the globe with a swipe of your finger. Dive in to view the world at street level with integrated Street View.Find stories about what it means to live here from the BBC, NASA, Sesame Street, and more.So I really wanted to work on all upper-body pulling—muscle-ups, rope climbs, and pull-ups— and then general strength, so squats and deadlifts. But my worst event this year was the strength events—the squat clean and the deadlift. I want to constantly become solidly better than how I woke up. I constantly ask myself, ‘Am I going as hard as I possibly can go in this workout?

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