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Clevedon and Avon dating website for single men and women in Clevedon and surrounding counties.Actors Rahul Dev and Mugdha Godse, who were reported to be dating for quite some time have decided to take their relationship to the next level.The idea of a website that would allow "modern, urban Indians" to choose their own partners and go from dating to perhaps matrimony at their own comfortable pace seemed worth doing.Since she didn't see too many alternatives in India, packaging the site in a "different" format would be the key.

Indians might have a firm grasp on the idea of online matrimonial websites, but dating on the other hand is not something that a lot of people are comfortable doing, or even talking about, and the country doesn't really have many online dating sites.

"The algorithm is based on an exhaustive research conducted by a team of psychologists who have derived a set of personality attributes responsible for a long term, successful relationship.

is specifically designed for singles from Clevedon and across the UK, looking for more from an online dating website in Clevedon.

Agnihotri, who met her husband at that Holi party, started to work on the site, and decided that instead of matching people based on an algorithm, the site screens all applications, and then hosts a curated meet-up for new members.

The catch is that you can't use the site just to meet people online - if you miss three Footloose events in a row, then your membership is revoked.

Mugdha, 33, told The Indian Express, "We are more than friends and it's a special feeling." Marriage is not on the cards just yet. "When you are more than just friends, it becomes easier working," she said in the interview to The Indian Express.

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