Dating singaporean girls

If you know she’s out with her girlfriends shopping at Orchard road, don’t keep texting her or trying to get her attention.

You’re likely to annoy her and not get the attention you wanted in the first place.

Women come in all shapes and sizes these days and you would definitely have encountered an Independent Girl sometime in your life.

All kinds of Singaporean guys were interrogated to bring you this compilation on what you can do to win them over! Take them out on a date for a change “Guys shouldn’t always be expected to plan and pay for everything!

When girls take us out on spontaneous, fun dates just to show their love, it indicates initiative and care, two very important things I look for in a girl.” (James, 24, Financial Consultant) 2.

Show your appreciation “I know women always say they want us to shower them with compliments, but they can’t neglect our feelings and self-esteem too!

She wasn't the first girl to throw a marriage proposal my way, you know.

I'm always gonna remember twirly mouth babe Scarlett Ting as the first one who (jokingly) asked me to marry her. ] Coincidentally, the three ladies share a common trait, ie they are all Singaporean.

The whole thing got me thinking once again of a hypothetical situation.

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