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And unsurprisingly, I get more unsolicited dick pics than you could ever imagine.I wondered, "What would guys do if I turned the tables and sent them an unexpected vagina pic?

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I made my search parameters wide -- ages 22-60 (I didn't want to give an older guy a heart attack) and up to 50 miles in the LA area. porn descriptions of what they'd like to do with that virtual vagina. Still frustrated I hadn't totally freaked anyone out, I decided to send a v-pic as soon as we matched. I wondered if I was just clueless about a secret lady trend.

By the end of her experiment Kerry was basically sending the vagina pic as an opener.

Of the 37 guys who replied to her unsolicited vagina pic, three sent her shirtless pics, seven replied with X-rated accounts of what they’d like to do to fake vagina, eight asked to see more, and 10 replied with dick pics ‘including one that included, a, um, happy ending.’ Vom.

Do you remember the old saying that there are plenty of fishes in the sea?

Well, I’ve had a hard time accepting that the past couple of months.

Online dating has fundamentally changed the way people look for love and friendship.

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