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I quit the lessons shortly thereafter and started playing along to my favorite vinyl records, got my first double bass kit at the age of 15, and dreamed of being Cozy Powell.1985 started studying with local instructor Pat Burke, Berkley grad.I consider my 5 years with Pat as what shaped me into the drummer I am today.

We are currently working on a new Psychotic Waltz disc to be released in 2014. At one time I owned a record store for 15 years that was world famous called Blue Meannie Records.The lobby doubles as a bar/restaurant, with high-backed mismatched chairs and quirky Murano glass chandeliers. Everything, from the wry photos depicting people waiting that are hung in the lifts, to the white plaster hands reaching out of the spa walls bearing white flowers, candles and feathers, is by Starck and is unique. The rooftop, complete with two pools, cabanas and a bar, has ornately framed oversized mirrors stacked around the edge to disguise the safety railings – and give the clientele something to gaze at beyond their navels.And instead of a chocolate on your pillow, there is a little shelf by the bedroom door that is stocked with such quirky treasures as a kaleidoscope.For all its inimitable characteristics, the SLS remains a very LA address.It's located on the roaring boulevard of La Cienega (a motorway by UK standards), and there's a red carpet running from the valet park forecourt into reception.To be revolutionary in a city like Vegas – a place where every idea has already been tried, and better means bigger, newer and, usually, brasher – you have to go back to basics.

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