Dating westclox big ben

(The "Clock of Tomorrow" and some later style 8 Big Bens have this feature.) The same rules apply with this type of adjustment.

Point the slot to "F" to make your clock run faster, etc.

This movement has a "bell-back" design, which means that the bell mechanism is integral to the clock's case.

The company first brought the Big Ben to market in 1909.

A pocket watch labeled "Little Ben" dated 1914 has been reported, and perhaps the"LITTLE BEN" trademark in the above table refers to that watch.

(your clock might have a different case or dial color).

Typically, on the back of an alarm clock, you will see a crescent shaped opening.

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Some clocks do not have the crescent -shaped opening, but have a "screw head" adjustment.

My mom’s father had a small collection of antique clocks and when I was a little boy he showed me how to wind them and regulate them.

When I was eight we moved to a new house and my mom and I were looking in the attic and found an old octagon wall clock made by Waterbury, probably dated about 1880. I hung it on my wall and we tried to get it fixed but the repairman couldn’t fix it.

So I brought it home and left it hanging and would wind it up every once in a while.

Once I was winding it and one of the main springs broke, so I decided to take it all apart and fix the main spring. there’s the problem, there were two gears that were in backwards.

The Baby Ben started with the "Baby Ben with 2 Inch Movement", followed by 10 "mainstream" case styles. Streamlined round case, rectangular base with polished brass or nickel plated steel plate.

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