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To those who were offended, again, I offer a deep, sincere, and humble apology without reservation."Read it in full - together with Martin's explanation of the context of the joke - here.The incident, which occurred last week, comes just days after Martin took to the social networking site to discount rumours (which, incidentally, he started) that he is dating newly single reality TV star Khloe Kardashian.”Despite rumors, Khloé Kardashian and I are 'just friends,'“ he quipped.“Be sure to check out my new album, ‘Just Friends with Khloe Kardashian’[sic].”Check out the Top 10 biggest Twitter blunders of the year below.However, Jennifer attempted to distract reporters from asking the constant questions about her personal life as she grabbed a coffee after a workout session in Los Angeles.As she was set upon by a group of paparazzi, Jennifer smiled and told the crowd: “Brad Pitt and I are dating!“When Jen Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up, I was dying to see something that said they were getting back together,” Jennifer told the publication.

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Tabloid reports emerged that Stonestreet, who split with girlfriend Katherine Tokarz about nine months ago, was dating Oscar-winner Charlize Theron. ' ' Eric - who broke up with his girlfriend of three years Katherine Tokarz earlier this » This is a relationship rumor no one could have seen coming.

The comedian attempted to crack a joke in response to one follower’s question, but ended up coming off a bit racist in the process.

He was asked by a fan: “Is this how you spell lasonia? Are you in an African-American neighborhood or at an Italian restaurant?

You may remember this one: And this: For the latest family photo, Phaedra has chosen to don all white since according to her "black people in white are like little black angels." And she wasn't wrong because AWWW!

Side Note: We finally got our first "everybody knows" of the season: "Everybody know a picture is worth a thousand words." (Read the rest of Phaedra's phamous lines here.)Kandi's daughter, Riley, managed to cement her status as old soul/voice of reason this week, when she got real with her mom about Todd.

After assuring Kandi that Joyce's opinions wouldn't sway her because she is an independent woman, she gave Kandi some excellent advice: just marry Todd, and if Joyce has a problem, too bad!

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