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You can also change the font of message and apply the font to the in game damage font used for your damage (requires relog) I don't like friendly nameplates on. - Friendly nameplates have to be on in order to show your heals.

SCT will turn them on if you turn on the option, but you must manually turn them off if you don't like it (see Target keybindings). Fix some options not updating when copying or loading a profile. 6.01 - Added item buffs to buff events and fade events.

I don't like the new spell icons, how do I turn them off? sct_event_can be still be used for custom events (READ THE FILE), but in game option menu fully supports custom events now.

- There is an option to turn them off under the spell tab.

New expansion brought some new bugs, here are the latest fixes: - Protection paladins with Fist of Justice are being displayed properly now - Heirloom weapons are rated properly for level 100 characters.

- Debuff/Buff gain and loss Messages - Low Health and Mana Warnings with values, and optional sounds - Rage/Mana/Energy Gains - Enter and Leave Combat Messages - Rogue Combo Points, 5 CP Alert Message - Class Skill alerts (Execute, Overpower, Counter Attack, etc...) - Honor, Reputation, Skill Gain - Eight Animation Types (Verticle, Rainbow, Horizontal, Angled Down, Angled Up, Sprinkler, Curved HUD, Angled HUD) - Four Fonts - Two seperate Animation frames, each with their own settings. - Ability to flag any event as critical or as a text messages - Sliders for text size, opacity, animation speed, movement speed, and on screen placement (with custom editbox) - Lightmode, for when you care most about performance (at the loss of a few features). - Settings saved per character by default, but supports all Ace3 Profiles - Load/Delete settings from another character. Useage: /sctdisplay 'message' (for white text) /sctdisplay 'message' red(0-10) green(0-10) blue(0-10) Example: /sctdisplay 'Heal Me' 10 0 0 - This will display 'Heal Me' in bright red Some Colors: red = 10 0 0, green = 0 10 0, blue = 0 0 10, yellow = 10 10 0, magenta = 10 0 10, cyan = 0 10 10 FAQ How do I get My Crits or My Hits to show? id=4913 I don't understand what the 2 frames are for! So you can set frame one using Sprinker animation and Default font, while frame 2 can be using Veritcle animation and Adventure font. At the top of the window will be a listing of some default profiles to try out.

You can then assign each event to a specfic frame using the radio buttons next to the events. Maybe you'll fine one you like or it will spark some ideas for you to try. - You can now select from many fonts on the options page.

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