Error before updating scaffolding from new db schema


-Force You can only enable migrations once for each Db Context.

If you need to overwrite your existing migration configuration you can use -Force.

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But migrations are still accessed from the package manager console and it's not always easy to remember the commands and the parameters that go with them.Abstract: Over the last couple of years, Entity Framework has steadily become the de facto data access story from Microsoft.With Entity Framework Code First, it became even easier to get started with an application.I personally love that it's specialized in APIs and view it as a benefit vs. It allows for it to be a much easier player in the service style architecture conversations. This may raise the question of - "Well, you seem to like it enough." And I do, because the pain of digging through git issues, learning via experience and peeling through their docs is less than the pain of configuring up a full express application for an API.Additionally, once the basic concepts are understood, it's Very productive.The scripts to do so are reusable, just swap out your models for the ones within. I don't know why I even asked that because we all know the answer. ..the little things that are no brainers and yet simultaneously timesinks.

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