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Advice and support for young people aged 16-21 who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or experiencing difficulties at home. Single homeless people, including rough sleepers who have complex needs, predominantly those with substance misuse issues and/or mental health issues.Housing advice, family mediation and homelessness prevention, individual advocacy and support. Applicants must have a local connection to Croydon. Young single homeless people aged 16-21, including those with low to medium support needs around independent living skills.Informational and useful resource for anyone connected with ritual abuse (survivors, friends, counsellors). Website: and Resources for Ritual Abuse Survivors, Therapists and Others Website: Malcom Underhill Child Abuse Solicitor, IBB Solicitors Capital Court, 30 Windsor Street, Uxbridge, Middlesex.UB8 1AB tel: 01895207972 Email: Malcom Underhil For advise on obtaining compensation for childhood abuse and to obtain resources for recovery please visit: PO Box 466, Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 5LG tel: 01923 286 888 (Tues and Thurs, 10am-1pm and 2-4pm) email: [email protected]: provide help with finding a solicitor and advise survivors of abuse of what they may expect to get from a lawyer.Rape and sexual assault can happen to anybody and can affect victims in so many ways.There are so many feelings to deal with which can often seem overwhelming – fear, anger, confusion, numbness, difficulty in making decisions, shock, rage, disbelief, panic.Peer Assist has produced this fact sheet using information from our website - If you require further assistance please speak to one of our Peer Assist team who will be happy to help.You can call us free on 08Assessment of entitlement to housing for people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

These challenges will be in the areas of desire, arousal and orgasm.Messages can be left at other times and an appointment made) PODS provides: PO Box 2537, Wolverhampton, WV4 4ZL email: [email protected] web: National survivor-led group for dissociative survivors of trauma and abuse.web: web-based site for survivors of childhood trauma and their loved ones, with a focus on dissociative identity disorder.I felt my world had fallen apart around me and I didn't know which way to turn for support. Kwasi - Mentoring During the 6 month programme, I developed a close relationship with my mentor.Knowing that I would have to talk to him honestly about what I did in the previous 2 weeks somehow forced me to be safe every time I had an encounter.Multi-agency service, including housing and social services. Male ex-offenders aged 18 and over, with support needs, who are under the statutory supervision of the Probation Board and on licence of at least 6 months. Must have a Croydon connection (eg born, lived or been at school in the borough, family or relatives living there). On-site services include a GP practice 3 days a week and nurse clinics 5 days a week.

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