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I have more gay friends than Carter has pills." She then recalled a conversation with her friend, designer Marc Bouwer, who she says told her, "Patti, this is what it's like around the country. " Stanger's response, "I'm trying to curb them! They're quiet, they're at peace." "But the gay man," she went on, "they whip it out at eye lock!

Stanger replied, "I apologize if GLAAD was offended. I put it on the map, on television, where every network fought me, and I'm still there in the trenches." Bravo apologized for Stanger's comments on Monday.

Les autres plongées se font à l'heure du dejeuner et l'apres-midi.

En hiver, nous sortons plonger le week-end uniquement sauf si des groupes sont intéressés.

The guest list ends up including just about everybody in town, not least several fireman and a pizza delivery guy.

But Alex has a secret: she and April are ex-lovers, and each may still be carrying the torch for the other.

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Referring to Los Angeles, she told Behar, "Whether you're straight or gay, that's a player town… [it's] what's going on in my show, which [has shot] from Los Angeles for the past five years. And I hope they use the privilege in New York for gay marriage because they have it. " Behar then told her she "went wrong" by making a sweeping statement.

The chemistry classroom isn’t the only place where college girls are experimenting.

It's not uncommon for girls to hit the sheets with another girl, even when they've considered themselves heterosexual all their lives.

I and my family will go to a third country, but I do not know when I can go.

As for me, I do not want to go, but I have to go to take care of my family, because most of my and my wife’s relatives are already in third countries.

Dishy dialogue is a must, but it has to be funny (this isn’t). There plenty of those here, but they’re more a function of having way too many characters than of any real inventiveness on the filmmakers’ part.

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