I am a scorpio woman dating a scorpio man

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How compatible are Taurus woman and Scorpio man mentally, emotionally and sexually?

The earthy Taurus woman and the watery Scorpio man are at different ends of the zodiac spectrum.

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The Taurus woman requires stability for a comfortable home life and is excellent at managing her finances.

The Scorpio man is also successful, but because he craves power above all else.

Aquarius on the other hand is fascinated that the Scorpio woman or Scorpio man can feel so deeply, even if Aqua doesn’t understand how to fully navigate the emotional realm. For Scorpio, originality flows from being a hardcore individualist; for Aquarius, originality stems from being alien, bizarre and uncommon.

Most of all, these two fixed signs respect the other’s strong, punctuated presence. Aquarius’ magnetic focus and full attention makes Scorpio feel loved, cherished and, for a time, even worshiped.

She prefers to attend events that further her career ambitions or are otherwise unavoidable.

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