I am dating my therapist

It's important to understand the reasons we do what we do, says Scott Bea, Psy D at the renowned Cleveland Clinic.

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I found that the same qualities that made me a good therapist were of great benefit to dating.

I was no longer in my early 20s, but neither were the men I met.

Maturity was part of it, but an even more important factor was my therapeutic training (I had completed my masters and Ph D while married to my late husband).

Therapists might challenge sufferers of social anxiety to have encounters with strangers, such asking for directions to a bowling alley or a farmers' market. Here's why: They don't have all the information, and so their solution might be the absolute worst thing for you.

Psychologists and social workers understand that being clear and direct about these non-session assignments can make patients fearful—and resentful, especially after having gone through the effort of a 50-minute revealing verbal exchange. Aaronson, Ph D, MSW, admits that since patients will often respond, "Ohmygod, homework," she usually avoids that specific word. "My Advice Might Just Be the Worst Thing for You." Lots of people go to therapy looking for a fast, tidy solution like "Yes! Instead, they want to guide you to your own solution by asking questions, assisting you through your own thought processes, and helping you identify what's keeping you from making a decision.

Of course, after a breakup, once you start putting the clues together, it seems like you never should have expected anything else – the red flags were lined up in a row waving in your face, and the only reason you failed to see them was that you didn’t want to look. I was ever more sure he had never Tindered; he probably met all his girlfriends at psychology conventions or walking through Paris in the springtime.

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