In need of updating

The Québec Ombudsman reminded the ) of this after noticing that its electronic brochures and forms had not been changed to reflect amendments to the Act.

For example, a crime victim now has two years to claim an indemnity, but the website said that the claim must be filed no later than a year after the event.

Even 5 rows up, because of the low angle makes it impossible to over anyone in a high wheelchair or other device. The PA is huge and sounds great and there are big screens to view the band from the back. Security did the best they could to keep everyone in line and to get them to the event without any riots.

The gentleman in front of us had a device that was a good 12-18" higher than normal wheelchair height. I noticed many different sites with many different prices for tickets of the same seat. Live Nation needs a lesson in audience control and how to corral guests to keep the peace and they also need a rain plan for special ticketed if you want some help!

The Québec Ombudsman investigates complaints and reports from individuals, groups, organizations or enterprises about a Québec government department or agency, or an institution in the health and social services network.

The Québec Ombudsman recommended that it make the required changes to its online brochures and forms, which the agency did promptly.Did the agency have enough time to make the required changes on its website?The answer is "yes" because six months had gone by since the amendments had been made.Today, the parents of a child who is killed are entitled to a ,000 indemnity, but the website cited the former amount of 00.Reimbursable funeral expenses have risen from 00 to 00, but didn’t mention this. This can only be done if it is a renewal of a passport currently associated with your account and does not include a name or issuing authority change in the new passport or is a new/additional document/passport that was not previously associated with your account.

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