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The US, Russia and China are all currently investing billions in research in nanotechnology.

Mr del Monte believes that the advancement of nanotechnology could be even more dangerous than conventional nuclear weapons.

In his first year of university, he used his bright likability to run for the Winnipeg school board.

Instead of mailing out pamphlets advertising his campaign, he enlisted 90 other youths to go door-to-door throughout his ward, handing out leaflets and singing his praises.

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This technology, which could create insect-sized lethal weapons, will incite world governments to compete in the deadliest arms race ever, Mr del Monte says.'Nanoweapons are the most likely military weapons to render humanity extinct in this century', he writes. This is about whether you and yours will survive through this century.'Nanoweapons are smaller than a strand of hair and insect-like robots could be programmed to perform terrifying tasks such as poisoning people and contaminating food and water supplies, according to CNBC.

He was the second of four brothers, born in 1952 to a warm, loving, staunch NDP family in West Kildonan, a Jewish suburb of Winnipeg.

His father, David, was a dentist; his mother, Dorothy, a nurse.

The Levin boys were all smart, but Benjy, as many people called him, was brilliant.

In high school, he was editor of a city-wide student newspaper called At 19, Levin enrolled in honours history at the University of Manitoba, where he also sat on the school senate and managed the basketball team.

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