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Also a talented painter, he earned extra money doing portraits at art fairs and by commission to the people in Rye.

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Unfortunately, the acting department was full but after seeing Bud's art portfolio he was admitted as a scenic design major in 1967.

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Bud continued to study with Bill Hickey and secretly began to work in commercials, - off Broadway Theater, and the soap opera, "The Doctors." He formed a comedy team with actress Jeannie Berlin, and later with Judy Engles, performing Bud's original comedy material all over Manhattan's burgeoning nightclub scene.

Bud and Judy won first place during amateur night at the famed Village Gate and were signed to a management contract with the club's owner. H." Bud was hired and from that went on to play the title role in Altman's next film , next saw Cort opposite Ruth Gordon in arguably his most famous role.

Despite decades spent playing sober commanders and serious captains, Leslie Nielsen insisted that he was always made for comedy.

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