Jordan dating jeff big brother

Her showmance with Jeff Schroeder earned the two the name of "America's Couple".

While she wasn't viewed as the strongest physically or strategically, Jordan's kindhearted game play earned her the win over Natalie Martinez.

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Their rep confirmed to ET that they had planned to tie the knot later this year, but when they found out they were expecting in February, they decided to secretly get hitched a few months early. as they worked through their happy news, but promised that there will plenty of updates still to come about wedding details and prenatal planning! Their diverse personalities were tested on the show and their relationship certainly felt the pressure. “We still needed to get to know each other better since we were newly dating.” Related Link: Ryan Danz and Abbie Ginsberg Tell Us How They Bonded on ‘The Amazing Race’ After they were eliminated from the race, Schroeder and Lloyd returned to their separate homes in Chicago, Illinois and Charlotte, North Carolina respectively, pursuing a long-distance relationship.They tried to see each other two or three times a month and felt that, by putting forth an equal amount of effort, they could make their relationship work.As soon as Jeff and Jordan lost power, Jeff was put up for eviction against Jordan and they both realized this was the end of their game together.Jeff was evicted leaving Jordan to fight alone, but using all the encouragement and wisdom Jeff had given her throughout the game, she proved everyone wrong and got herself to the final 2.This gradual shift from friends to lovers helped them with their communication skills.

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