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”The White House Correspondents’ Dinner traditionally focuses on roasting the president, but Bee has set herself and her event apart by making it clear she isn’t here JUST to roast Trump.

That said, there were a lot of burns thrown in his direction.

She comes from a long line of short & strong women. Check out her new You Tube freestyle dancing videos she makes just for fun.

By telling the story of WHAT HAPPENED WHEN I WENT TO THE LAUNDROMAT, Ms. We learn very quickly where the protagonist is, what she is doing, and so on. (Aside from her need to wash her clothes, of course.) A couple pages in, I was wondering about the “why.” Thankfully, Ms. After the boring small talk is out of the way–How are you today? –Joyelle gets to the important personal stuff, asking Ms. The emotional depth of the conversation increases, of course. That may sound like a lot, but those who are in any kind of minority are often misunderstood by the majority.

The climax of the piece occurs when Joyelle asks Ms. Another example: at least 14% of Americans profess a lack of religious belief. “Nope.” It’s odd the way the tender places are not touched so much by those we knows as by strangers sitting in metal chairs while laundry tumbles behind small circles of glass.

They perform both Morning June & Yesterday and Sanctified live during the show.

Don't miss them at Webster Hall on May 9th with Brian Jonestown Massacre or May 22 at Union Pool.

Woody started his successful Real Estate career in ’93 and earned several honors and achievements over his lifetime but his biggest gift was his laughter.

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