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The magazine also stated that a lot of people knew about her relationship and even said the two would get married soon.Kim Jung Eun's company's side responded to this report, telling 'Ilgan Sports', "We have confirmed with her and it's true that she's dating.Both of them eventually become Cyrano's prominent actors.It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. Choi's grandmother is renowned hanbok designer Lee Young Hee, and his father is a wealthy banker and the largest shareholder of Alpha Asset Management, sources say. Im Yoo Jin How rich and influential do you have to be to see a president at your wedding?

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They said that even though she was very busy filming her current MBC drama 'Make a Woman Cry', she visited her boyfriend's house every Friday.

The chef of the restaurant that's next door to the theater where the dating agency is housed.

He is the loan shark who originally lent the money to Do-il for the Cyrano theater, and is later revealed to be Do-il's younger brother. Min-shik and Young-dal are Seung-pyo's loan shark goons, who intimidate Byung-hoon into paying his debt, and occasionally join in the agency's missions.

Neither Eun- ji nor Bum revealed the reason behind their breakup.

When Eun-Ji was waving at the reporters in the airport, a stranger who was standing beside her started waving as well. Eun-Ji made an acting debut in 2012 after appearing in ‘Reply 1997’ drama.

Hwang Jung Eum The She Was Pretty actress married Lee Young Don, a golfer and a steel producing company CEO, on February 26, 2016.

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