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At the Antique Piano Shop, Inc., our primary goal is to promote awareness and preservation of these irreplaceable instruments.Take a look at pianos for sale by clients of Concert Pitch Piano Services.These online calculators worked out exactly where and when my piano was made and the valuation was exactly what I ended up selling it for.We are proud to share our private collection of vintage piano/organ catalogs, brochures and related ephemera.

Pianos with names beginning with A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z Currently 683 pianos listed. Adams Aeolian Ajello Albert Albion Albrecht Alden Alexander Allison Altenburg Ammer Ampico Anderson Andreas Angerhfer Apollo Archer Arion Pianofabrik Armstrong Arnelli Arnold Askolin Astin-Weight Astor Atlas Aucher Auto Piano Bacon, Francis Baldur Baldwin Baltica Barnes Barrat & Robinson Barthol Bauer Baumbach Baumgardt Bay Bechner Bechstein, C. These pianos are available for sale by their owners.Although they do not include moving or a warranty, these instruments have been recently and thoroughly examinedby a certified piano technician. View some of the finest pre-owned and refurbished pianos, available through our network of associate independent Piano Technicians in the Greater Toronto Area, and soon to be across Canada.Most of these pianos include:at least a one year warranty, free first tuning, and local main-floor delivery.This is a partial list of people who have spoken or otherwise presented at official TED conferences such as TED, [email protected], TEDActive, TEDCity, TED-Ed, TEDGlobal, TEDSummit, TEDIndia, TEDSalon, TEDWomen, TEDYouth, TED Fellows Retreat, and TED Talks Education. (TED2013)The life code that will reshape the future (TED2003) Using biology to rethink the energy challenge (TEDSalon 2007 Hot Science) The next species of human (TED2009) Your online life, permanent as a tattoo (TED2013)Mosquitos, malaria and education (TED2009) Innovating to zero!Your website not only clarified that our piano was really good quality but also calculated its restoration value. After unlocking the valuation calculator I discovered my Piano’s actually worth a lot more than expected…

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