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Kyle Riabko (born 29 September 1987) is a singer, guitarist, composer and actor who was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Before starring on Broadway in both Spring Awakening and Hair, Kyle released a full-length album of original music on Columbia Records, and spent his teen years touring as an opening act for a wide range of artists, including: BB King, James Brown, John Mayer, Keb Mo, Buddy Guy, Jason Mraz, and others.

She feels bad because her best friend is in love with this guy, but at the same time, her best friend hasn’t been a best friend recently.

So I don’t blame Silver for falling for Navid.” Translation: Get ready for all sorts of covert coupley cuteness between Silver and Navid — for now at least, because the rest of the group will find out and it won’t be pretty (for Ade). Teddy &…Himself | Dixon (Tristan Wilds) is now kinda sorta in on the “Teddy is gay” secret, but it’s what happens next that leads Teddy on a journey of self-acceptance and coming out to those who care about him.

We hear a lot about the hot, beautiful people of Hollywood.

We see their faces splashed on the pages of gossip magazines, we flock to the big screen to see their movies, we tune in every week to see them on our favorite TV shows.

The musical - co-conceived by actor-musician Kyle Riabko - has just come from Broadway where Bacharach said: 'I'm very supportive of this project.

But Trevor tells Hollywood the celebration will be short-lived, as Teddy’s life is about to get a lot more complicated.

Trevor admits his first same-sex kiss was “nerve-wracking,” but adds that it’s “becoming easier” — which is good, because Teddy will spend the rest of the season playing tonsil tennis with a slew of Beverly Hills bachelors. We’ve known for a while that Ian’s (Kyle Riabko) enrollment at West Bev was temporary, so I hope you’re prepared to say goodbye tonight!

“Navid decides to breakup with her, but then her journals are released to TMZ and he realizes she’s devastated.

She’s using him as a crutch again, and he’s put in a position between Ade and Silver Spring Break Scoop: Mexico! And a Musical Guest Adds Stroup: “Silver likes him and the chemistry is really there for them.

Ian does “betray” Teddy, which ultimately leads to their split, but Trevor assures us we won’t hate Ian when the hour is up.

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