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shares that the reality show will get an H-Town spin-off and rappers Slim Thug and Willie D of the Geto Boys are set to star on the show.

The site adds that Slim Thug's ex girlfriend, Le Toya Luckett of Destiny's Child fame, will also be on board.

I think that the two characters both have this Type A personality. In January, Knowles told he would “absolutely” love to see it happen.

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I will trust, believe, and grow through every experience.

The beautiful couple have been dating for almost a year and revealed the exciting news at church on New Year’s Eve.

Hill and Luckett performed at the Mount Lebanon Baptist Church in Norfolk, VA, ringing in the New Year together. posted a picture with his new fiancé on Instagram captioned “Affirmation: “I have decided to trust love.

“I feel like there’s so many versions of that story. So I think that as long as something like that is done with respect, and it celebrates all of us and doesn’t tear any of us down… As long as it’s done the right way.” “People love a secret, and people love finding out the secret. but I would want to celebrate all of us, because we were kids.

We’re all very secretive, we’re all very private about our private lives and that situation,” Luckett added. You gotta tell that story in a certain way because you’re dealing with kids.

Le Toya Luckett kept her lips sealed when it came to her recent divorce.

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