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However, there are some important differences between Armenian women and the women you may be used to dating back home. Their culture generally has very clear and distinct roles for men and women.

Women are expected to raise the children, take care of the household, and manage the home.

When he invite friends I need to serve for them and do not ask him even to bring tea from the kitchen.

Here in Poland in relationships we share everything , we help each others, share not only love but everydays life.

As in any given group of people you will find many Armenian families to whom the results of these findings do not apply.rmenians of the diaspora have enjoyed long term contact with Middle Eastern cultures; the family life is greatly influenced by regional traditions.

Armenia is generally a Christian country, so this is an important consideration if you are going to marry a girl from Armenia.Although we cannot provide exact numbers, the estimated age of a newly wed couple is 25 for the woman, 28-30 for the man.This age increases among individuals who pursue higher education.As you may already have noticed from the header next to the headline, today is not your typical Thursday.In fact, every Thursday from here on out will be focusing on the whole complicated world of relationships.) When pondering what subject to tackle for the first installment, I looked into my own colorful dating history to decide which story to entertain you all with today.

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